Photo of the Soap LadyIn 1977 my daughter was born with a skin condition known as seborrhea. By the time she was 3 months old, her little body was covered in angry red patches that burned and itched. She could not be held. Her clothes irritated her. Commercial soaps and detergents seemed to aggravate Sara’s skin. Prescription creams and lotions did nothing to soothe her. Then an elderly neighbor suggested I should try her old-fashioned laundry soap. I washed all of Sara’s clothes and bathed her little body with an old brown bar of her homemade soap. In one week my little girl’s skin was normal! I had to learn to make my own soap. I consulted books on the art of soap making at a university library and began experimenting with recipes of my own. Soon I perfected formulas for sweet smelling soaps in pretty colors. I developed recipes for soaps for specific skin conditions and general recipes for family use. Word spread about Sara’s improved skin condition. People asked me to sell soap to them for their loved ones, and so was born... The Soap Lady. 

A local newspaper published a short article about my soaps, which was picked up by Associated Press. Word spread across the nation. Country Woman Magazine featured me on the cover of their March/April 1995 issue and mail began to arrive at my home from all over the world. I received hundreds of letters per day. I now sell my soaps by mail order all across the country and around the world. My soaps have proven themselves over the years to be ideal for all skin types. I believe the reason is simple.

My soaps are non-detergent. This means they leave your natural body oils in place while removing daily soil and odor. Your body produces oils to shield you from invading bacteria. When you wash with a true soap, these oils remain in place to keep your skin healthy and supple. If you wash with a detergent bar of soap your natural body oils are removed. This is why when you use a commercial soap you leave the shower or bath feeling dry, your skin is tight, and you feel the need for lotion. Most commercial soaps are detergent. Throughout this catalogue you will find a variety of soaps, bath salts, and gift collections in colors and scents to suit your every need. My products will make your skin feel soft, fresh and clean. Enjoy!