Weaving Gallery

Weaving wash cloths is but one of my weekly activities as The Soap Lady. I begin with measuring out the warp threads. In this case there are  144 threads, each 7 yards long. I measure them out on a warping frame and then take them all in a braided bunch to the loom where I begin to tie them on. Read the steps here from the last photo on the page to the first. The entire process of dressing the loom  takes me nearly a day. I will then have enough warp on my loom to weave about 14 washcloths.

Soap Making Gallery

A typical week for me goes like this.

Monday: Check email. Open and answer the mail. Access online orders. Type up orders, authorize charge cards, set up, package and attach postage to orders, arrange for the Post Office to pick them up on Tuesday.  Start laundry.

Tuesday: Check email. Run errands. Finish laundry. Clean the house. Set up fats and ingredients to make soap on Wednesday.

Silk painting

Step 1. Cover a piece of Styrofoam with freezer paper, shiny side up. Arrange silk scarf in a jumble. Pin in place with t-pins.

Step 2. Begin to color with Sharpie pens, medium point. 

Step 3. Add more colors and continue to cover areas.

Step 4. Fill in a little more. Add another color or two.

Step 5. It's ready for the alcohol.

Step 6. Spray liberally with rubbing alcohol over the entire surface.

Step 7. The colors begin to bleed.

Step 8. Spray again with alcohol allowing liquid to pool on scarf and in pockets on the freezer paper.

Easter Egg Ornaments

The ornaments shown here are over 35 years old. I made some of them the week before my first child, Jonas, was born in 1975. I blew out the eggs, dyed them, and then decorated them as you see here. My grandchildren are just as thrilled to see the tre now as my children were 30 years ago!

Woolen Hats & Mittens

I enjoy raising sheep. I shear them, wash the wool, dye it, spin it, knit it to make hats and things. This album shows steps taken after the wool has been washed, dyed and carded to make hats and mittens. In this case the wool is knitted unspun.

Molly and Buster

We are in the business of raising our own beef again!