Step 1. Cover a piece of Styrofoam with freezer paper, shiny side up. Arrange silk scarf in a jumble. Pin in place with t-pins.

Step 2. Begin to color with Sharpie pens, medium point. 

Step 3. Add more colors and continue to cover areas.

Step 4. Fill in a little more. Add another color or two.

Step 5. It's ready for the alcohol.

Step 6. Spray liberally with rubbing alcohol over the entire surface.

Step 7. The colors begin to bleed.

Step 8. Spray again with alcohol allowing liquid to pool on scarf and in pockets on the freezer paper.

Step 9. Wait for the alcohol to do its thing.

Step 10. When the scarf is dry remove pins and iron (with steam on high heat) to set the dye.

Step 11. It is now ready for details, or finished if you like it as is.

Step 12. I used ultra-fine Sharpie pens to add details.

Step 13. A close-up of the thistles I drew.

Step 14. A close-up of the insects.