A typical week for me goes like this.

Monday: Check email. Open and answer the mail. Access online orders. Type up orders, authorize charge cards, set up, package and attach postage to orders, arrange for the Post Office to pick them up on Tuesday.  Start laundry.

Tuesday: Check email. Run errands. Finish laundry. Clean the house. Set up fats and ingredients to make soap on Wednesday.

Wednesday: Check email. Make soap.  Cut soaps made the previous week.  Melt scraps to make hearts and mini hearts.  Make Bath salts.

Thursday: Check email. Trim soaps cut the previous week and restock shelves with product.  Make gift baskets and special collections of 8 bars per box.  Update catalog, work on quarterly newsletter.  Mow lawn or do other yard work.  Weave face cloths.

Friday: Check email. Weave towels.  Catch up on anything unfinished during the week, design new labels, catalogs, etc.

Saturday: Enjoy coffee with my husband, who drives truck and is away from home during the week. Do heavy duty cleaning of the upstairs. Catch up on two-person chores like planting trees, going to the recycling center, upkeep on the farm house, etc.

Sunday: More of the same, or take the day off and visit, unless it is a busy time of year, in which case I keep working.