Glycerine is a natural byproduct of good soap making. When saponification ( the name for the chemical reaction that takes place when soap is made ) occurs, glycerine and crude soap are formed in the bowl. If the soap is kept warm for at least three days, the glycerine remains a part of the soap. If soap is allowed to cool quickly, the glycerine separates and floats to the top.

When I make my soaps, I keep it warm for three days, before allowing it to cool and then cure for a period of three weeks, before cutting it. Glycerine is therefore an integral part of my soaps, making it very good for your skin. True soaps do not remove your natural body oils when you use them. They will leave your skin feeling moist and supple, healthy.

Most commercial soaps are not true soaps, but detergents. They remove your natural body oils, leaving you feel dry and itchy, and the need for lotions.