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Make an everlasting moist potpourri using a centuries old recipe and technique. Add a subtle scent to any room. Keep moths and other pests out of your home in a pleasant chemical-free way! Mix up a batch and put small portions of Everlasting Pot Pourri in each of your closets to banish that "strange odor".

I have one in each room of my home. My first batch is 25 years old and still delightfully moist and scented. Never overpowering, this potpourri has a soft scent suitable to any taste. Unlike dry potpourris, you may change the scent to suit your desire at any time you wish, or leave it in its natural state for a fresh, light scent that is indescribably pleasing.

Kit contains rose petals, lavender flowers, rosemary leaves, bay leaves, cardamom, orris root, benzoin pieces, recipe and instructions. You add your own salt, brown sugar, extra dried petals, leaves and brandy. Makes enough to fill a two gallon container.

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