I am ashamed to admit that I cheated on you. I was browsing through a craft store and found some locally made natural soap that, at first glance, appeared to be a better deal. Money is tight, so a 5 ounce bar at $4 each, with similar ingredients, a liveable fragrance and no shipping seemed like a good deal. Yikes was I wrong!!!! First off I missed the scent that has come to mean relief from my miserable skin, so soothing and wonderful in all your soaps, but especially my favorite, cerulean pacific. My skin seemed to feel ok in the shower, smooth and clean. BUT THEN, not the first day, but about 5 days, the return of my miserable, tight, uncomfortable, burning, itching red skin, with the bonus of small little itchy pimples. WHAT HAD I DONE!!!! I offer my humble apology and anxiously wait for my precious soaplady soap to arrive on Thursday. I promise I will never stray again...EVER!! I have learned my lesson!! Your soaps are truly a miracle to those of us who are skin impaired. Keep up the good work and know you are truly appreciated by your customers! All the best, Shelly

Shelly Rose - Grafton, WI.

I've been buying your soaps for almost 20 years and they are great. Not only are they long lasting, the scent is very refreshing. As a teenager I've developed eczema and the soaps on the market made my eczema worst. I've been to so many dermatologists and the medication helped somewhat, but not really healing the problem. Stronger medication discolors my skin. At that time, I had an aunt who used to live in Wisconsin and she saw your story on your daughter and she told me about it. That's how I started buying your soap. Throughout the years, I've been referring my friends to your website for their children and everyone loves your soap. Thank you.

Elaine Chan - Bayside, NY.

My husband and I have both been using your soaps, but, mostly him, remember I called you about his skin condition! Well, your soaps are really working for him again!! I am so glad we were able to find you online and continue to use your products! He (my husband) has been using them for two months now and a lot of his sores are gone!!! We thank the good Lord above for you AND YOUR PRODUCT! THANKS AGAIN! MICHELE ORLOWSKI

Michele Orlowski

Hi Soap Lady, I LOVE YOUR SOAP!! I was born and raised in Arizona, the dry, arid desert. My skin is dry and I get heat rash in the summer. Your soap has cleared up my rash and leaves my skin soft and supple. I use it on my grand babies and it is wonderful! I enjoy your newsletter, as your state and lifestyle are so different from mine. Congratulations on your success and please, never retire!! God bless you!

Joellen Heimbach - AZ.

I have been a long-time sufferer of all kinds of weird, itchy, irritated, flaky, swollen skin, with all sorts of recommendations and money spent at the dermatologist, etc., and I am ecstatic to let you know that your Cerulean Pacific has healed my skin completely! I have been using it for about a month now, and the redness and irritation are gone!!! Not that you are surprised by this, but I hope newcomers to this site are willing to give this soap a try if they have problem skin. I think they will be pleasantly surprised... Also, I love the washcloths. If you decided to make hand towels and bath towels, I would buy them, also! I plan on making another purchase soon as gifts for Mother's Day, so I can get more people hooked on this soap. Thank you!

Paula Timmons - Pataskala, OH.

I am amazed and very thankful that I found your website. I have had patches of eczema for 2-3 years now and the constant itching was horrible. I tried everything I could think of and even the medication the dermatologist gave me only helped a little - but it never went away. I tried your Fresh Meadow soap and within 3 days the redness was almost gone. I have been using it religiously for a little over a month now and the rash is totally gone and NO ITCHING! I also gave a bar to my granddaughter who has had eczema since birth and am hoping she has the same success. I am telling everyone I know who has skin problems about your soaps! A million thanks!!! Chlorophyll is AWESOME!

Karen McGrady - Senoia, GA.

Hi, my name is Jaime Dew and I wanted to let you know how much I love your soaps. A friend of my mother's got us both started on your soaps. I have hypothyrodism and my hair had become very thin. I could only use a very expensive shampoo and conditioner as all others would hurt my head. Since I started using your (Lemon Aloe) soaps and rinsing with vinegar, my hair is coming back thick and healthy. The best part is my head does not become tender. I love all the scents and I have been having fun trying them out, though I feel I have found my favorite. My skin is also soft and I don't get dried out like I use too. Also, I have had a small bump on my chest for a few years, it had never bothered me so I did not think anything of it, but since using your soaps it is going away. Thank you for an awesome product. Have a great day.

Jaime Dew - Killeen, TX.

I simply love this soap. I have a new granddaughter now 1-1/2 months old. My daughter was noticing some skin irritation in the folds of her neck and under her arms with the use of over-the-counter baby soap. I ordered the Lemon Aloe for her to use and have been visiting, so I have had an opportunity to see firsthand the results of using this soap. It has such a creamy texture when applying to her skin and it rinses off easily without the feel of soap residue on her skin. In just 2 baths, the irrigation around her neck has cleared up. It has also cleared up the slight pink skin in the diaper area too that indicated the start of diaper rash. Also, I had my husband try the Fresh Meadow soap, and he really likes it, too. He says after showering he doesn't feel the soap buildup on his skin and feels much cleaner. Thanks for making such great products.

Delores Marcus - Mountain Home, AR.

About 3 maybe even 4 years ago my husband had to come to your house because there was an issue with your flooring install. He worked for the installation company. He brought home your catalog and I ordered some soap. I have a large area of eczema on one of my knees. I have tried EVERYTHING and nothing helped it. I gave up on the doctors because none of their creams helped and I didn't like the idea of taking a pill for my skin. So I ordered the Fresh Meadow along with some other bars. WOW is truly all I can say. It helped so much. I haven't been able to order more until now. I am so excited. It truly is the ONLY thing that worked! I am so excited to be able to share your wonderful bars with my friends this year for Christmas. Thank you for your AMAZING bars of soap

Beth Stachura - Hartford, WI.

HI MICHELLE -- Just wanted to send you a note to let you know how thrilled I am with the improvement of my skin issues. What I thought was a rash from soap or detergent turned out to be dry skin. My mother is the one who suggested that it might be dry skin and that I needed to try something more "natural" in ingredients. I thought of you immediately and ordered the "Dry Skin Collection". Three weeks later and my skin no longer itches and the rash and bumps have all but disappeared. I have ordered the same for mom. Thanks again.

Karen Brea - CA.

Your oatmeal soap is the only product I have used on my face since 1991. I certainly hope the day never comes when you are no longer making your soap as my face will probably go through withdrawal! I continue to promote your soap with everyone I know. Keep up the good work.

Mary White - Bear Lake, MN.

I've been using your soap for years and recently went a couple months without using it. I received a bar of another type for a gift and decided to use it. Oddly enough, those little skin "tags" started to appear. Something I haven't seen since I started using your soap. I don't know what it is that's in your soap that keeps them at bay, but I will be regifting any other soaps I receive in the future!

Kathy T. - Beaver Dam, WI.

I have been ordering your soaps (particularly the cucumber) for about 11 years now. In fact my kids have grown up using the cucumber soap to get them through the acne years. I know several people that make their own soaps, but I've always found yours to be the best. Please, please if you ever decide to go out of business let me know Œcause I'm going to have to drive to Wisconsin and buy a whole truck load of soaps!

Marilyn Barchett - Watervliet, MI.

Hi Michelle, Just a quick note to say thank you... my partner Jennifer used your Fresh Meadow soap for the first time today while showering and for the first time in 5 years her skin didn't "go off" into an acute state of stinging... wow! Thanks, Steve Pedvin Sydney, Australia

Steve Pedvin - Sydney, Australia

I just wanted to share with you that I had a baby the end of February and between 1 and 2 weeks of age he developed a rash on his face (infant acne). I had a bar of your Fresh Meadow soap and what a blessing! The rash cleared up in just a few days!

Sandy M. - PA.

"I am impressed with your Fresh Meadow soap especially. That's the one I use on my face. I had always had skin problems and tried your soap with great results! Thanks for your help. I am 59 years old and have tried lots of stuff."

Phyllis S. - from NY.

Hi! I wanted to tell you I love your wonderful soaps. My skin has never been so soft and acne free. Thank you!

Erlinda W. - OK

Just a note to let you know my granddaughter is so pleased with the way your soap has cleared up her skin. Thank you for making such a good product.

Elizabeth C. - PA

I've had a persistent problem with psoriasis and I've been using your soap for probably eight years now. It really makes a difference. Occasionally I'll forget to take a bar when I travel and I'll notice a difference in 1 or 2 days at the most. I just wanted to thank you for a terrific product.

Dave A. - WI.

I finally tried your soaps as a shampoo & I sure love it! It (my hair) never felt cleaner & smells nice, too! Thanks for all the work you do to bring me and others such a wonderful product!

Penny S. L.

Just wanted to write and let you know how much I love your Oatmeal soap. I have very dry skin due to a thyroid disease and it helps me immensely. No more itching after using your soap.


I was so surprised when I used your Castile soap on my husband’s fireproof hood that he wears under his fireman’s hat! It came out pure white! I cannot use bleach to wash his hood, so I am so glad your soap does the trick.”

June I.

Your Lemon Aloe soap has caused my liver spots to fade! I’m a lifetime user!

Arletta Z.

Your Morning in the Woods soap really does help keep mosquitoes away. I bought some for my children and grandchildren.

Sharon Y.

Please rush Cucumber soap if possible. My daughter is using it & after years at the dermatologist – her skin has never been clearer.

Sue D.

I just wanted to let you know that we all love your soap (even my husband who usually doesn’t care what kind of soap we use!).

Brenda M.

My girls have eczema and your Fresh Meadow soap actually prevents it from reappearing!

JoAnn R.

I’ve used your soap for about 5 years. Midnight Rain is one of my favorites. Also used Morning in the Woods, it really helps fight off the bugs. Your soap has really helped my skin. My last visit to the dermatologist was over a year ago for my eczema.

June - IL.

Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your soaps and newsletters! I’m a big fan of the Oatmeal soap, and your Midnight Rain is a wonderful air freshener. I have several bars in my musty closets and around my dog’s bed, and it smells much nicer.

Jean - Milwaukee, WI.

My sons have eczema and your Fresh Meadow Soap really cleared it up. Thank you. My family’s skin has improved so much.

Kelly - IN.

My grandson liked your Lemon Aloe soap, but especially the Cucumber soap for acne.

Margaret - Greenfield, WI.

Thanks for the tip on using vinegar instead of fabric softener. It’s helped a lot! Well, you’ve done it! I’m addicted to your soaps!

Debbie - TX.

I know you’ve heard this many times but just have to tell you we love your soaps. I gave some for Christmas and those that used theirs want more. If you will please include a couple of extra order blanks. My youngest granddaughter had eczema and your soap makes it go away.

Elizabeth - CA.

Back in the early 90's, being in the Navy, I was stationed in Okinawa and read an article about "The Soap Lady" in Stars and Stripes newspaper. I thought it would be nice to have some homemade soap from home. I ordered the Fresh Meadow and its smell reminded me of memories of home. My skin felt soft and clean. I will not use commercial soap ever again.

Debbie W. - Kenosha, WI

Back in the early 90's, being in the Navy, I was stationed in Okinawa and I read an article about "The Soap Lady" in the Stars and Stripes newspaper. I thought it would be nice to have some homemade soap from home. I ordered the Fresh Meadow and its smell reminded me of memories of my home. (When I used it, your soap made) my skin feel soft and clean. I will not use commercial soap ever again.

Debbie W. – Kenosha, WI

I have been using your soap since 1991 and I certainly hope you continue to make soap forever! If not, I will need to stock up!! Thanks for the years of wonderful soap.

Mary M. - White Bear Lake MN

Hi Again - just wanted to say again how much I love your soaps. It gets really dry here in Alaska and your soaps are just so great for keeping my skin clean but moisturized. Thanks so much, and Bless You!

Linda C. Seward, AK

- I just wanted to let you know how much I really like the new look of your website. Definitely more appealing and inviting! It’s so refreshing, just as your soaps are. Keep up the good work!-

Brennelle O. Leetonia, OH

Hello, I just wanted to thank you for your soap. My youngest daughter had the same condition that your daughter had. The doctor wanted to give her a steroid cream but my mom has been using your soap ever since she saw your article in Country Woman so we bathed my daughter in Lemon Aloe (soap) and within 1 week her skin was wonderful. I took before and after photos of her and it is amazing! We all love your soap. Please do not ever stop making it. My husband and one of my other children also have eczema and your soap helps them greatly. God bless The Soap Lady! Thank you again!

Tamara M. Nibley, UT

Your soap seems to be able to compare with high-quality soaps, and that is something that many, if not most soap makers cannot say. Not everyone is cut out or desires to be a quality soap maker, as they are more interested in color combining and cute designs. There is a market for that as well, obviously, but cute doesn’t mean much after the first few showers. I hope your business continues to do well, and I will tell my co-workers about your product. In fact, come Christmas, I may just buy a basket of them to hand out. -

Sieglinde P. Gulfport, FL

LOVE your soap. I was very blessed to receive it as a gift last year. I raved to everyone w/in earshot. This Christmas, I received your soap from three of my work colleagues. Raving about your soap certainly helped : ) Thank you for your passion and products.

- Dana (@yahoo.com)

I washed my hair with a bar of the "End of the Day" soap and rinsed with the cider vinegar and my hair no longer has frizzies and it seems to stay cleaner longer -- it did not get greasy as fast throughout the week and is more manageable and looks better. I'm hooked and thank you for the 15% coupon to use for the holidays!

Michelle - Charlotte, NC

Thank you for making such an awesome product! Love it! Love it! Love it! The very best soap I have ever used!!! (especially the Lemon Aloe!)

Marie B. Jersey Shore, PA

Thank you for your great products. Your soap is the best! My life here on the farm is very hard on my skin. Your soothing, healing soaps are perfect after a long, hard day!

Therese K., Holstein, IA

THANK YOU! A set of your soaps was a birthday gift from my mom.... what a difference in my skin in just 3 weeks time! I am ordering more for myself as well as gifts for my cousin and sister-in-law..... hope they enjoy as much as I am! Happy Holidays!!

Debra P., Chilton, WI