If you have sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis, or seborrhea there are some things you can do to make yourself feel better.

Use Fresh Meadow soap until you feel your skin condition is under control, then switch to any of my moisturizing soaps if you wish.

Never use fabric softeners of any kind. They coat clothing with a thin film of petroleum or paraffin, which can irritate your skin.

To prevent dry, itchy skin after bathing, use 1/4-cup of cider vinegar in your bath.

Do not shampoo in the shower. This allows the shampoo and cream rinse products to run down your body, creating potential for more skin irritation. Try shampooing your hair in the sink. Better still, use any of my soaps in place of shampoo altogether.

Rinse hair with 1 tbsp of Cider Vinegar (for brown or dark hair) or 1 tbsp of white vinegar (for grey hair) or 1 tbsp Lemon juice (for light hair) in a glass of warm water to remove residue and remove tangles in wet hair. For really sensitive skin, it is best not to use shampoo at all, but use any of my bar soaps in place of shampoo. Just wet the bar and rub soap directly into wetted hair. Lather and rinse as usual, using any of the above suggested hair rinses. You will find that your hair will be silky, shiny, and more manageable then when using commercial shampoos.

Change your laundry detergent each time you shop. All laundry detergents leave a deposit on the fiber of your clothing. Each detergent will remove what the last one left, and leave its own, preventing buildup, which can be irritating to the skin.

Use powder, not liquid detergent. Liquids contain ingredients that will irritate sensitive skin. To prevent caking of powdered detergents on your clothing start washing machine filling with water first, then add clothing. No more blotches of detergent on your laundry.

Wear natural fiber clothing and footwear. Natural fibers allow air to circulate, where this is nearly impossible with man made fibers. Natural fibers to shop for would include cotton, linen, wool, ramie, rayon, hemp, canvas, angora, mohair, etch. You get the idea.